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Please help with minidump analysis

By Nintendo Master ยท 4 replies
Dec 1, 2008
  1. My 32bit XP will blue screen every 72hours, give or take an hour or so. If I manually reboot my pc then the 72hour period will start over.

    I've done a lot of troubleshooting (replaced memory, uninstalled SW) and tests but can't seem to make this stop.

    System Event viewer shows the following about 1hour before it blue screens: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.

    I know that looks like a hard drive problem but I don't understand why it gets the same error even when I disable paging?

    I have posted 1 minidump (will attach more every 72hours) and would very much appreciate if someone could assist me with solving the issue since I've never really dealt with minidumps before. Minidump seems to point to csrss.exe being the source of the issue but I tried to goggle the filename and came back with very few helpful results.

    Thanks again
  2. Nintendo Master

    Nintendo Master TS Rookie Topic Starter

    new minidump attched. very much appreciate any feedback. I really want to get this problem solved. thank you
  3. Kaorichan2009

    Kaorichan2009 TS Booster Posts: 70


    ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000006 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of 0x%08lx.




    IO_ERROR: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000009a - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

    hmm no resources. Im thinking your HDD is going to fry.
    Something is terminating Csrss.exe Use an anti virus on it and tell me if it finds a variation of Nimda or anything else.
  4. Nintendo Master

    Nintendo Master TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've scanned Csrss.exe with multiple AV programs and nothing is detected.

    I'm running RAID 1. Do you think it would be a good idea to disconnect Harddisk0 to see if that isolates the problem?
  5. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Hi Nintendo Master

    I only look at dumps

    1. if they are chronic (hardly can boot up and stay up at all)

    2. if not chronic (can stay up for a reasonable time) then I want to know there is not a Malware cause, system config or disk error.

    So do the following in order presented.

    1. Do a System Restore point now name "Before begin system cleanup at TechSpot.
    2. Another redundant Reg backup:

    Add a redundent Reg backup, get and install ERUNT let it add itself to startup and do a backup on install check all boxes.

    ERUNT http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/
    Yes! Even if you use system restore and other backups Registry and Images.

    D/L install and run ATF-Cleaner clear all except passwords in all browsers you have. Run repeatedly until no more found.


    D/L and install CCleaner: Clean temps and registry. Run both (temp and registry) repeatedly until no more found.
    http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds get Slim version

    After the SR point directed above is done.

    Then Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Cleanup
    Click OK to accept C:
    Select all Boxes
    Then click More Options
    Here click System Restore and OK to "Are you sure" and the OK to Run.

    As this runs it clears all but the most recent Restore Point but it does one other thing that can contain infested files and a huge amount of disk space.

    It clears what is known as Shadow copies which are used by specialized back up programs.

    This is if you have the Volume Shadow Copy running which is the default.

    Now Start-Run
    paste the following command and click OK.
    chkdsk c: /r

    Windows will want to do this on the next boot answer to allow it to do so.

    When it completes back to DeskTop do a Defrag. Not so much as it may need it but if there are still disk errors then a Defrag will expose them.

    If all the above completed then do the TechSpot 8 steps:

    Do it completely do not skip steps. Attach all logs. Of course you can skip the CCleaner as it is already done.

    Not only will this expose any Malware but some of the Logs may also expose System issues.

    After all above and you still have Mini Dumps then we will tackle that. But i don't think you will have to do that!

    Get a status report of all that occurs down to the 8 Steps! Then the 8 Step logs.

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