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By kallmeehnow1021
Jan 4, 2006
  1. hi....i have a lite-on dvdrw soHw-812s scsi device driver for my not really dat bright in fixing computers which is why i come online for help.....ok...when i pop ANY cd's in rw, cd'rs and dvd rw's .....they all pop in da computer autoplay detects it...BUT the only cd dat it wont detect is DVD r's ...i really wanna burn dvd r's but the problem is ..the computer will not detect and therefore the bruner won't burn.....when i use nero 7 and i start burning it stops and 3 % and it says device not ready....can someone help me???/ i even tried other burning won't work......o yhuh and i CAN burn dvd rw's and cd=r's ...jus NOT DVD-R'S why???? please and thankyou for ur time!!!!
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