Please insert a bootable floppy?

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Mar 10, 2011
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  1. Help!
    So I got this Free Dos laptop literally hours ago and I was trying to install Windows XP. I dont know what I was thinking when I tried to do it myself because Im a complete newbie at computers.

    I tried to set up the partitions first but clearly I did something wrong and now I get this message "This is not a bootable disk. Please insert a bootable floppy and press any key to try again "
    Now, I dont have a floppy disk at this laptop but I can boot from CD ( it gives me the blue screen at some point when I try to install XP, probably because I dont have any partitions formatted )
    So my question is: what should I do to get over that message?

    Thank you in advance
  2. synapse

    synapse TS Rookie

    If you setup the partitions but didn't install the OS yet, the system is not bootable, so it's looking for some way to boot.

    You need to set it to boot off of your cdrom, so the windows installation can start. You can usually do this by pressing F8 or something at startup to enter a boot menu.

    Your other option is to go into the BIOS and set the cdrom to be the first boot device.
  3. andrewblair03

    andrewblair03 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your answer but i dont think the partitions are set up.
  4. example1013

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    You should probably just look for some step-by-step XP clean install instructions. I've done it a bunch of times, but I'm not you.

    Anyways, you need to format the hard drive. All of this is done from the XP set-up program (which is what you're running when you boot from the disc).

    This article from Microsoft might help you out. If not, just come back and say which steps you're having trouble with.
  5. ruready2

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    When booting from the Windows disc set-up will first load files. One of the files loaded is partition manager which will allow you to choose a partition to install windows on. Set-up will proceed to locate previous windows installations and will list all current partitions. If Windows is already installed on one or more of the listed partitions the name of the partition will indicate such. If you are doing a complete wipe and re-install of Windows (which I strongly recommend since you were given the laptop) you will want to delete all partitions (Unless one of the partitions contains a recovery image. If that is the case it should be named recovery or something similar which will allow you to identify the same). Once you have deleted the partition you will then select a location to install Windows on. You will want to choose the un-partitioned space. Once selected you will be prompted to choose a method of formatting the chosen location at which time it will be partitioned and formatted. You would want to choose to quick format with ntfs file system. Set-up will proceed to copy the necessary files. Your computer will reboot. On the reboot DO NOT press a key to boot from the cd and DO NOT remove the cd. Set-up will continue the installation automatically. The remainder of the procedure is simply a matter of reading and following the prompts. While Windows will install the basic drivers, those drivers do not always work with a particular component. In other words, be prepared to search the laptop manufacturer's website for the appropriate driver. You may even need to use another computer to download the Ethernet driver to then transfer it to the laptop. This will enable you to use the laptop to access the internet to obtain the remainder of the needed drivers.

    I do not believe I missed anything with these instructions but, I may have. If you have any questions or need further assistance let us know.

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