PNY 128 GB Flash Drive not working

I have this flash drive:

And I am afraid it is dead. When I plug it in, 50% of the time, the red light constantly flashes at about 8 flashes a second, or flashes 3-4 times quickly before just shutting off and nothing happens.

If it is in constant flashing mode, I can open my windows explorer and see "Removable disk", however it is slightly transparent, and when I try to open it, it says "Please insert a drive", which leads me to believe the computer detects it, but can't read it. The properties window shows 0 bytes. Is there any hope at all of getting my ~65gb of used data off of this thing at all? Do I have to take it apart and do some soldering? Please help.


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Your flash drive probably has a damaged controller. If that data is important, best chance of retrieving your data would be a professional data recovery service. The cost of recovery depends on how extent is the damage of your disk.
You can make use of the recovery app shown in this tutorial video-
. It shows exactly what needs to be done when you encounter such situations...
Pen drive uses low quality components that's why its so cheap so there is really nothing to do other than throwing it to dustbin, sorry for bearing the bad news next time buy transcend or kingston drives, and hey never go for scandisk