Point Counter Postnuke?

By Jade
Jul 20, 2006
  1. Sorry, I'd just like to introduce myself.. Im kind of a n000b at computers/websites actually anything techincal. Im 15 and me and my friend have created quite a successful website with a radio etc.. Right now were looking to expand our territory into a voting/poll website where you can win prizes. The aim of the game is to vote on polls, write reviews and comment other peoples work and each time you would gain a point, then at the end once you have a certain number of points you can cash them in for a prize.

    Im sure this probably sounds stupid but we need some sort of Postnuke to count how many points the user has... actually anything that we could possibly implement into our site to help us attain this.

    Sorry im n00bish and as my brother says, female.
    Thanks guys.
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