Popular Android security app 'Virus Shield' is a total scam with zero functionality

By Shawn Knight · 23 replies
Apr 7, 2014
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  1. Most mobile-minded hackers use third-party app stores and repackaged apps to make money via bogus ad views or to turn your handset into a virtual currency mining rig but one recent developer took a completely different approach to game the...

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  2. Vrmithrax

    Vrmithrax TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,379   +338

    And then comes the class action lawsuit, which (after lawyer fees) will get each user about $0.25 refunded.

    Of course, my first thought would be that I'm not sure I would trust a company named "Deviant" anything to protect my phone... Heh.
  3. I haven't heard of this app till now, but I have to say it's embarrassing for Google that this made it into the 'top app' category at all. There's a *lot* of garbage in the Play Store, but one would hope that there's some type of curating going on with the top apps. I wonder how Deviant Solutions managed to drum up the initial interest in enough users who were willing to drop $4 for their app?
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  4. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,096   +633

    And this is why I don't jump on the bandwagon for the serious stuff. I would rather go with a company I know that's been in the business long enough to have a good reputation...
  5. I love my Windows Phone :)
  6. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,480   +973

    I gotta say, this is very clever on the developers part, but very unethical.

    I hope Google learns from this and tightens their app submission and review policy. Apple should also learn from this and better watch out for scam ridden apps. I know a ton of fake 3rd party keyboard apps that are total scams on the App Store that tons of people (luckily not myself) have fallen victim to.
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  7. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,216   +749

    Thanks Google. And thank you open source platforms.
  8. I dont... I miss the blue screen with a memory segmentation error :))
  9. Do these things happen on Apple's App Store? No.

    Does that mean Apple's store is better than the Play Store? Uh, not really.

    A 'curated' site like Apple's does allow for safety, but to my way of seeing it, we as consumers are the ultimate line of defence. So more shocking to me is the RATING it go on the Play Store than the number of downloads. Those to bought it are victims, but does that make those who bought and rated it complicit? Uh, again I'd say not really.
  10. NeurotechHD

    NeurotechHD TS Rookie Posts: 61   +19

    I'm assuming the developer used a credit card or bank account to transfer the funds. They should be able to find him a prosecute him.
  11. At least they were honest about no ads and easy on system resources. :p
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  12. So, people pays $3.99 for an app that can only does change the onscreen icon from an "X" image to a "check" symbol.

    Nice work, Google, nice work for letting fraud-ware apps roaming free at play store.. xD
  13. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 814   +254

    There's a lot of phony apps like this on the Play Store.
  14. ajm123

    ajm123 TS Rookie

    I don't see why people would download an antivirus app on a phone in the first place...don't download anything shady and you'll be fine.
  15. To all the people blaming this on the "open source" policy. Get your facts straight.
    Remember that the fact that it is open source is the ONLY reason we know its a scam 'at all'. If this app was closed source we'd have never found out.

    Thank you I'm done here.
  16. lol ... the people that download THIS app are the people that NEED apps like this ... well not this particular one .. a real one.
  17. "To all the people blaming this on the "open source" policy. Get your facts straight.
    Remember that the fact that it is open source is the ONLY reason we know its a scam 'at all'. If this app was closed source we'd have never found out.
    Thank you I'm done here."

    Um.. in a closed source store.. this app would have been caught before it even made it into the market place. Personally I have no problem with open source software.. I do however think that Google should actually review each app before it makes it into their store. But hey that would cost money and someone would have to pay the bills.

    Your Welcome I'm done here.
  18. Well not in the same league as that British guy selling antibomb scanners to Iraqis - that could cost lives ( & lesser extend save lives )

    Nor the medical profession giving out Placebos :)
  19. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,151   +588

    Well its bound to happen when you don't have tight restrictions on your systems.
  20. Yip, I agree that Microsoft is the way to go. A company with years of experience building quality software that you can generally rely on, and the fact they now make smart phones (courtesy of the Nokia acquisition), things can only get better.
    Um, that kind of goes against the "open source" doctrine. Although, Google has started demonstrating a tendency of doing away with the openness of open source by restricting what can be done on Android. Kind of defeats the point of it all, to be honest. That's why, as a developer myself, I can appreciate open source, but not for commercial purposes. If people take open source and free projects, purchase a license from the original owner, or outright buy the code, and then make their own product based on that, then its all good in my books. Watch this space, Google will eventually be forced to seriously limit the open nature of Android to cut out all the bad stuff like in this article, and when that happens, and it will (Eventually), then Android will lose its appeal.
  21. Some days, I read articles like this and I don't if it's real, or a targeted campaign (including some over-enthusiastic comments that support the article's main premise) against a competitor.

    So, now what? Turn the Play store into a walled garden like Apple's App store? Why people always ask for more control in anything for any reason? It's not like the Play store is democratic or open, anyway. But, this is what we do as a society, after all; cater to the lowest common denominator.

    I would still say the same, even if I was one of the people that bought that app.

    **** happens, is that too scary?
  22. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,280

    Why are you answering your own questions?
  23. I found it hilarious, until I thought of the 10,000+ well intentioned folks that enriched some scammer. Good thing it was only $3.99 Personally it would be my pride that would be more damaged than anything else if I had downloaded it and gave it a high-rating.
  24. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,373   +71

    Seems another semi scam is that some android phones don't have gps even tho they say they do. They get their coordinates by triangulation, if it works at all.

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