PopUp Attack Survivor

By miamimage
Mar 24, 2009
  1. Hi! I opened a bad email. A very mad email. With a nasty attachment. Anyways, after execution of a file which had no business being executed, I started getting pop-ups regularly in IE (even though I never use IE for internet) and all my google links were being redirected.

    I ran my SAV and found Trojan.Malscript!html. It was quarantined. Filename: Index[1].htm. Location: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\TempoaryInternetFiles\Content.IE5\STQ351AJ

    So that didnt help. Followed the 8 steps and seems to have worked. I just wanted to see if someone here could possibly take a look and tell me if they see anything else since I have no experience in reading registry.

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