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Aug 15, 2012
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  1. hey everyone I love the site I have a qwestion that im not to sure about. im trying to use this os called porteus its a open source full linux os and basically what im trying to do is install it on my usb and set it up the right way so that I can boot up the computer via usb. this link here http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ makes the process so much easyer but with the porteus link here http://porteus.org/distro-download/download-latest-32-bit.html im not sure what files to download im assuming I go into /current folder then download the iso but I dont know if I have to download the other files. im using the 32 bit os as this example which is the one I want to use. please explain what I have to do. is it possable for me to use this os on my usb without logging into the computer why I ask this is because one of the features is allowing you to use this even if the hardrive of the computer is broken. thank you for your patience.:cool:
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    most of the time, when an article points to an ISO file, that is the only file needed by you.
    When you 'burn' the ISO to the new media, it is expanded with EVERYTHING needed - - that is the whole point of an ISO.
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    Hi, On the page; http://porteus.org/distro-download/download-latest-32-bit.html
    Hover mouse over the tab 'Download' then below it you will see some options, one is called 'Main download',
    click on that and choose the 32bit or 64 bit version, plus the desktop you want.
    You will download a file which will be a 'zip' type.
    So you need to extract the files to a temp folder, use say '7zip' or 'Express zip' (from NCH soft)
    You then need to burn the files to a CD. The free program 'imgburn' will do that, and many others will too, I use Trueburner.
    The option you want is 'burn iso image', make sure you have a blank CD in the drive.
    When you have the image on CD, make sure the boot order in your BIOS is set to, 1st =DVD drive, 2nd=HDD.
    Put the CD in the drive, and restart your pc, the Linux O/S will show and you wait for it to get to the desk top.
    There you will see an icon to 'install', or you can use the O/S as it is.
    **BUT in the FAQ section they don't recommend installing Porteus to your hard drive...... but to use Slackware instead.
    You can run it from a flash drive in uncompressed form, say, to use your pc if the C drive failed.
    It runs from RAM so is very fast, you will find very good info in the FAQ section.
    If you know Linux, and you want to install it to hard drive, you might do better to try another distro, I use Mint on my spare pc, (AMD 2 core, Foxconn K8M board) and it's fast and stable.
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    thank you so much the both of you for helping me with this im sorry I replyed late. this really helped me. im new to this site and will follow you both now.
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