Possible leak in heatsink?

By dellsucks
Dec 9, 2008
  1. Ok here is my problem.
    I had just bought an Inspiron 1525 back in april.....about a month after i bought it i noticed it starting to heat up quickly even with perfect ventilation through the fan. I had it shut off on me a couple times because of it over heating. Finally one day i came home from work and my laptop would not turn on at all...tried taking the battery out and unplugging, plugging back in...still did nothing so i had sent it away because it was under warranty. They went and replaced the motherboard and sent it back to me about 4 days after i had sent it away.....fine it was working....and then a week later the same thing happened....i could not turn it on....call them and did some troubleshooting...still did nothing...so then i sent it away again....and they then replaced the memory in it and then sent it back to me a few days later...it was working again....and then not even 2 weeks later the exact same thing(meanwhile the thing was still heating up once in a while) happened....i came home from work and it would not turn on....how ever somehow a couple days later it starting working again so i thought it was fine......and then about 3 weeks after that it was off again....totally fed up and frustrated by this time, i didnt even want to send it back again but the tech convinced me to send it away one more time....so i did.....waited and waited....couple weeks after i had sent it back to get fixed was wondering what was taking so long...so i called them to find out...they then told me that it was on hold because they are trying to tell me that there is liquid spillage on the motherboard.....bulony is what i said....i then had them send me pictures that they took of the inside of the laptop because i could not believe what they were saying to me....looked at the pictures and there is places in the laptop that have rust on them....there is what appears to be a burn mark on the motherboard...you can see on the outside of the intake for the fan condisation white spots.....can you tell me what might have happened?? because now they want me to pay 400$ for e new motherboard when i have not damaged the laptop??
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Obviously Dell have been helping you a lot, so I'm not sure why you think they haven't :confused:

    Regarding paying for service, you must only have hardware c\o support only, you are best to contact them on this, because warranty usually means free (except for postage)

    There's nothing we can say, except contact Dell, and ask why you have to pay. Otherwise wait for the return.

    Remember though they are helping you, if you abuse their help, they may be less than helpful, ie don't show them this post, with that name!
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