Possible to reposition things on new Firefox?

By macx
May 8, 2011
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  1. I liked the "old" Firefox better - esp with the Home icon over way to the left grouped with other similar actions, and with the tabs bar just above the main window, not up in the middle of several lines of icons. It was so much easier to quickly spot the tab you wanted to open when they were the bottom line in the top area.

    I don't suppose it's possible to reposition some of those things?

    It seems that everyone that does anything with computer related applications always has to mess with a good thing - so often it doesn't turn out better.

    I have to wonder if they don't do that just to keep themselves employed.

    A prime example of the same type of thing is in Photo'Bucket. They had a great, simple, user friendly setup before, and now they've disabled several things that were central to a good user experience, and seem to be resisting the many calls to return to the easy way of doing things.

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