possible vista 20 sec freeze solution

By oldsalt19
Sep 28, 2007
  1. I have seen several posts in a number of places, both here and on other boards, about a mysterious 20 sec "freeze" when running under Vista that started occurring in early Sept, 2007, right after a Vista auto-update. I thought perhaps it would be most efficient just to post a new message here. I had the same problem. When researching the glitch, I notice a number of those affected had Nvidia display boards, including me. I went to the Nvidia site and downloaded and installed a new driver. The problem disappeared immediately. So it looks like that update in Sept introduced an incompatibility vis a vis the Nvidia board.
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    I haven't seen any posts here about a 20 second freeze, maybe I'm missing something. Do you have any links where people have had this problem? Does CPU usage spike during this, or is the entire system locked?
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    My apologies to all, especially to Julio. None of those threads appeared here. (except mine) Instead, it was here:
    Unfortunately, I visit (or lurk) so many forums, that I have a tendancy to get them confused. I tried to post this info there but couldn't get on. There were several other sites on the net where this problem was discussed. This one took me about 5 seconds to find. Also, I was wrong about the date. The above thead was started in March of this year. It ain't fun to grow old but it beats the alternative. Perhaps I need to stop cluttering up the board and leave the bandwidth for those who know what they're doing

    Julio, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Now I have a whole three posts!:)
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