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Potential problem with new Win8 laptop

By andymac26
Feb 9, 2013
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  1. Sorry if this is just me being useless but I've had no experience with win 8 before now, and at this point in time there's quite a few things that seem counter intuitive and I'm not really sure what is really going on.

    The laptop at first seemed fine with the user setup and signing out and back in worked when first tried. Though it was turned off then turned back on a few hours later and logged out to the lock screen, but at this point something seems not quite right as previously when you clicked on the lock screen it went to the user list (only one user installed at this point) where you could log on or select shutdown. now every time you click the lock screen it just goes straight to the loading screen as if you had already selected the desired user, the problem is it does this for a min or so and then goes straight back to the lock screen. So I'm kinda stumped by what to do at this point as pressing any buttons just goes to the loading screen.

    the ultrabook in question is an asus s400c. Which has, what I can gather a caching ssd. Rather than the os installed on a 24gb ssd, which seems way to small to fit windows, as the salesman was convinced it was.

    any help on what to do/what on earth is going on would be awesome


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