Power Shutdown After Post

By fvestep
Mar 30, 2010
  1. Help! I have a Gateway GT5656 that has developed a strange quirk. The system will start, BIOS will post, splash screens etc., then it goes to a black screen that gives two options: Start windows error check OR Start windows normally. Obviously im getting that because of the power interuption but it makes no difference what you choose, as soon as the HDD starts to spinup the power shuts down. This machine will run all day long in CMOS setup or any other RAM Memory application. CPU temp is good, PSU is good (Brand New), Memtest86 says no errors in the memory. Ill be doing a physical inspection of the HDD next (pull and slave for error check) but all the data appears to be there. I have seen this before and never could figure it out short of just rebuilding the unit from the ground up. Any suggestions? I have a hard time keeping up with threads and forums so private messages or emails directly to me would be fine. Thanks in advance!
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    CORRECTION! "Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)" is the option with "Start Windows Normally". Sorry for the misquote.
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