Power supply fail - or something different?

Here's the prob. Trip the motherboard pins and the fans connected to the MB and power supply fan turn a few times - 10-12 rotations or so. The "known good" video fans, do not run, there's no current on the PCI buss I presume.The fans only run one time until the power supply is cycled off and drained. This will repeat endlessly.

Diagram cut from the manual. My red dots here are showing the two pins I'm working with.
power on switch pins.jpg

I'm missing something...easy, I think.. There's one stick of ram, the 2 fan video card, a cpu + stock cpu fan, and an accessory fan plugged into the board. The motherboard is not supplying the videocard current, and the mobo has 2 connections. A 24pin atx and a 4 pin (CPU) both are snugly in the sockets. Beside the paperclip jumper (fails) and replacing CMOS battery (failed) MY memory is failing, is there another item to check (power supply fuse?) before I have to open another new PSU?