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Recently the fan on my 600 W Cooler Master Power supply started to make increasingly loud noises. Upon investigation I found that the fan was locking up and then fighting to spin. I tried dusting down the system but had no luck in getting the fan to function properly. So yesterday I went out and purchased a new 650 W Antec Power Supply to replace it. I powered down my system, shut off the power supply, and removed the power cable. With an ESD strap tethered I documented the connections, removed the cables, and replaced the Cooler Master with the new Antec PSU. I then powered the box back up heard it post, figured it was fine and put my monitor back on it.

This is where my problems begins.

My system configuration is as follows:

motherboard: nforce 6801 sli
vid card: 8800 GTS
HD: two 76GB raptors in a RAID 0 for my OS
HD: two 500GB 7500k drives in a RAID 0 for storage
PSU: 650 W Antec
OS: Windows XP

When I power the box up all fans are active, the hard drives spin up, the mother board posts normally, and displays the "FF" status on the motherboards LED indicator signaling a normal boot process. The BIOS runs and I see it detect my two RAID stripes and it indicates that they are healthy. It gets to the boot from CD check and goes to a blank screen. It does not progress any further.

I am not of the opinion that the old PSU somehow damaged some system components as the actual power output was fine and my system functioned as expected, it was just the fan making nosies that spurred this replacement.

I thought maybe removing the power caused the motherboard to lose its settings and changed the boot order to boot from my second stripe which is just for storage. Logging into the BIOS I confirmed this was not the case.

At this point I am kind of at a loss, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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The only thing I can think of is you maybe unseated something a bit when reconnecting stuff. With the power off of course go through and reseat all the power connections, data cables, and add-on cards.

Any reason you didn't just replace the fan in the PSU rather than the entire PSU? Maybe put the old one back in temporarly just to see if it works still.
Yeah I thought of that as well, I have checked, rechecked, and recabled to my hearts content same result. I did try replacing the original PSU however I get the same result.

I replaced the whole PSU because the general recommendation not to bother opening one up, plus I wasn't sure whether it would just be a new fan, belt, bearings, etc, and wanted to be proactive about replacing it should it be a signal of further problems that might risk the other components.
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