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PRAGMAc.dll help needed

By morpheus305
Jun 29, 2010
  1. Woke up last night to find out my dad went pron browsing and was able to my pc infected all sorts of goodies. When I got to the computer i found defense center running with a bunch of popups and new icons on my desktop labeled youporn.com and some .exe files and some other porn stuff. So i rebooted into safe mode and ran malware bytes full scan, it found a bunch of stuff. Probably the most notable is a bunch of pragma files.

    Since then i installed kapersky, ran a full scan and deleted/quarantined everything it found. Then ran combofix then ran spybot too. It seemed to get rid of everything but a lingering pragmac.dll that malware keeps popping up asking to quarantine it when pc loads up or u start a browser. I have hjt log, OTS log, gmer.log, and combofix log. Can let me know if you see anything wrong and what else i need to do to fully get rid of this problem.

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  2. Broni

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