Previewer finds first Craig the Brute Easter egg in Halo Infinite

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Know your meme: Craig the Brute refers to a meme that began spreading after a Halo Infinite demo during a July 2020 Xbox Games Showcase. After grabbing a screenshot of the generic Brute, a Facebook user shared the image saying, "We're calling this dude Craig idc what you say." Craig then became famous with countless internet users posting even more countless memes featuring the creature and mocking the less than flattering graphics.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have taken the Craig the Brute phenomenon in stride, promising to put Craig Easter eggs throughout Halo Infinite, and previewers have just found one. YouTuber Mint Blitz posted a video to his YouTube channel showing how to find the first of presumably many Craig Easter eggs in Halo Infinite.

If you'd rather not spoil your Easter egg hunting, stop reading now and don't watch the video below.

Blitz notes that the Easter egg is not an easy one to find. It is located on top of a gigantic tower in the fourth campaign mission, and you will need an upgraded grapple shot with a 40-percent cooldown reduction to get on top of the building.

Once you have gotten to the top, you will find that Craig is a rock star in the Halo Universe. Plastered to some machinery is a concert poster that reads, "Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560," then lists various concert dates and locations.

Nearby on the ground is a "Greatest Hits" album cover featuring the original meme image. If you flip it over the rear lists all of Craig's greatest hits, including memorable tracks like "I'm the Craig in Your Heart," "Popped in the Chin by My Friend," "I Can't Grow a Beard," "I'm Famous," and, of course, "The Day You Became a Meme."

While the multiplayer open beta launched earlier this week, the Halo Infinite solo campaign does not release until December 8. However, 343 Industries have already sent out preview copies to various media outlets, and Mint Blitz mentioned that he was lucky enough to get one.

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