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Jan 30, 2011
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  1. Hi; I am an author and print index cards with data on how people can get my book that I distribute on the street in my village. I can set a margin of 0" on all four corners of word 2007 on the index card image of the word processor. The problem is with print preview, the right border is missing the ending text on landscape view. It shows headers and footers when I have a margin of 1/2 inch on all corners. Is there something I have to set on word options with the advanced tab (maybe layout options?) so the data can print near the edges of the index cards? Whatever shows on print preview shows on the printed index card. I have an HP 4360 printer. I have vista 32 bit.
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    Try 'View' mode, then tick 'ruler' option, then drag the 'first line indent' and the 'hanging indent' to the page edges. This does make the margins 0" but I can't prove if it will print with a similar effect. Hope this helps.
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    Print preview problem

    "First line indent" and "Hanging indent" does not keep setting of Zero. When I go back to it after viewing page it says "none". It is preset to .5". Maybe this should be considered: When I create borders on a "letter", the bottom border does not show in print preview and is not printed.
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    Yes, 'Word' seems to want to keep a margin clear left and right. But I checked in the book 'Brilliant Office 2007'. It says, for custom margins, in 'Page layout' view, press and hold 'Alt' key, move the indent markers out of the way, so you can see the end of the ruler, put the mouse cursor on the actual ruler scale (white/grey part), drag the end of scale out to the edges of paper, then move the indent markers back to line up with the end of the ruler scale, to match, i.e. zero inches or cm at left margin, then ditto for other margins.
    I have attached a snip of my screen of that area.

    If it's vital to the final layout of the work, to have no border, then print as wide as it will allow, then trim the paper to suit after printing.
    Not ideal, but I am thinking back a few years to when printers were dot-matrix types, and if the print head went off the side of the paper, it could catch the paper's edge and tear it. Today's printers are not like that of course, but trends last long in the printing world.

    >>Another Idea is that Microsoft Publisher has templates which show printing right up to the edge, don't know if that helps or not.

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    Some printers can NOT print borderless documents :(

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