Printer Prob (HP Deskjet 845c)

By Kavi-krish ยท 4 replies
Nov 6, 2007
  1. I have got a HP deskjet 845c printer, my printer was out of ink and i was in a hurry so it went to this shop and refilled the colour cartridge. I came home installed it and it only prints in colour pink what ever i print be it photos or text it all comes out in pink. Pliz help! Thanks....
  2. kabaka

    kabaka TS Rookie

    Buy the actual catridge and remove the refilled one, then replace the it with the new catridge.
  3. Kavi-krish

    Kavi-krish TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi kabaka, o.k i can always replace the catridge. But i would like to know why does the printer prints in pink? And i was doing some research and i found that if you soak the cartridge in hot water and let it dry and then install it in to the printer it prints in full colour. will post if the hot water thing works. Re9ARd5 Kavi-krish!

    Hi kabaka, i tried the hot water thing it works. This is how you do it.

    1) Switch off the printer.

    2) Take out the catridge.

    3) Open the hot water faucet and hold the catridge under running hot water (for about 5 mins).

    4) Dry the catridge. (Make sure its properly dry)

    5) Install the catridge in to the printer and print a test page.

    Any other ideas, suggestions and comments are most welcome!
  4. jspottt

    jspottt TS Rookie

    dont re-fill

    i used to refill all the time
    i took my carts in this ink place and had them filled when i installed them and printed off my resume the page came out with a huge black spot on it, i was like wtf i opend the printer and the ink leaked out all over the inside of the printer. i cleaned it up best i could and every thing was fine. the next week my printer started to error all the time. i took it back to staples and they found ink all over the inside were the circut boards were and voided my warrenty on the spot.
  5. Kavi-krish

    Kavi-krish TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well yea its o.k if you dont refill, but just in case anyones printer has the "pink flu" if you want you can try the hot water fixer!
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