Printer won't power on, tried everything

By Mugsy ยท 101 replies
Jul 5, 2011
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  1. Margaret42

    Margaret42 TS Rookie

    Have 'no power' problem with Canon MG5350. Phoned Canon service who told me this wasn't a usual problem... looks to me as if it is! Removed and replaced the white cable holder; printer came on! But with a message saying a problem, to disconnect and contact service centre. Disconnected and it won't come on again. I won't be contacting their service centre and will go for new (I haven't the time to take the machine to pieces)... but a big thank you to everyone on the forum... a great help to someone who has never tried taking a printer to pieces before! Now I need some advice on a new one... will look on the forum.
  2. pde14

    pde14 TS Rookie

    Same no-power problem as others, on a Canon iP4500.

    Removing and reseating white connector on PSU made no difference. Tried this several times.

    Applied +5V to yellow PSU cable. PSU voltages good but still will not switch on.

    Reassembled and press power button one more time. Printer powers on OK!

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