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Problem Concerning NV4_Disp

By nsprvgogo
Aug 5, 2009
  1. Hai there.

    For the last month or s i have been having problems with my Nvidia Geforce 5200 Agp card, Not the best i know.
    I decided to move my good computer to my other house due to the enormus tv. (52")
    I now have this Dell dimension 4600. its a pretty decent computer, runs gmod ok.

    Then, All of a sudden i come back from holiday and play gmod, when i look a certain way and the game started screwing up. I thought it was a graphics engine problem, Restarted the computer, When start it up, loads of textures are out of place, It takes litterally 30 mins to get to the logon page becase the screen keeps flickering. and when i do i get the BSOD.

    Your computer has been shu- yadayadayada... Oh wait.

    You graphics card gut itself stuck in an infinite loop, This usually indicates a problem with the graphics card or the driv er programming it incorrectly.

    Deleted the driver. Its a-ok, then, after a few shutdowns, the problem came back, but instead i didnt get the Same BSOD.

    I had the same as before, even though i have a driver in. but this time it also said, the file causing the problem seems to be the NV4_Disp file.

    I looked it up on the internet on the laptop im using now, And it seems that thousands of ppl are getting the same problem. many different solutions have been found, Some say that replacing the NV4_Disp.dll Works, Tryed it. Nothing.
    Some say its an overheating problem with the card, Tryed putting a fan on it, didnt work.
    Some say its a driver problem. Deleted all drivers and tryed all drivers. Didnt work
    Some say its a file on the hard drive. did 8 Formats, Didnt work
    Some say its the OS, Reinstalled it, 2 times, Didnt work.
    Some say its the card swelling up in extruding places, No swelling, didnt help.
    Then , I try installing a driver for a diff graphics card, OMFG IT WORKS?!?!?!?!!? But after i played the game for a while, the problem came up again, And it worsened everytime i turned the computer on.
    So its not my graphics card, as it did play HL2DM fine, but then it crippled again...

    If you have any solutions. PLOX HELP ME. IM DYING WITHUT MY COMPUTER, T_T

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    It is time to buy a bit better video card. This old beast is dying
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