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Problem configuring my netgear modem

By umesh tiwari
Jul 5, 2015
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  1. I own a netgear dgn1000 modem+router and it is not working properly so I am using a sustitute modem right now and when I tried configuring my netgear modem once again using my laptop there is a problem occuring...
    I am using internet through wifi through substitute modem...when I connect netgear modem to my lappy for configuring through the site doesnot open in fact internet does not work and when I remove the lan cable through netgear modem and use wifi on my sustitute modem it works fine

    note: inernet is now continuously working through substitute bsnl modem only...the problem occurs only when lan is connected through netgear modem...
  2. jobeard

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  3. treetops

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    So your setup is not loading, make sure to plug your laptop DIRECTLY intto your netgear modem, it CANNOT be plugged into your other router then to the netgear. You are putting in the wrong ip address, a quick google search shows you need to go to 192.168.0

    Read the below if you need more help after the setup loads

    I will assume a few things

    1. The netgear modem works with a ethernet cable, you can pull up webpages.

    2. When you try to connect to it wireless. your ethernet cable is unplugged and your other modem\router is powered off.

    1. Does your wifi network show up?
    2. If so is it telling you your password is incorrect?

    All thats fine? ok then

    Check what channel and or security type your wifi settings are set too, you want channel 1 or 6 or 11. First change your channel. No joy? Change the security type to wpa from wep or vice versa and change your network name. Still not working? try each channel 1 6 and 11.

    Still not working? Hard reset your modem and set it up again. Repeat above steps. If it is still not working your modem is bad.
  4. After a few more trials and using from manual I got the setup page I did the setup the dsl lit too but not the internet wil try hard reset once and see if it works... Thanks everybody for those replies

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