Problem connecting Android to 802.11AC Wifi!

By pw2much
Feb 19, 2014
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  1. I have a LG Optimus F3 android phone and a Netgear-R6200 (802.11AC) router and for sometime now I have not been able to connect to my home network. upon turning on the wifi feature on the phone and entering the connect SSID and the password, all it does from that point is keeps searching but never connects. Now I have changed the phone because of this issue, contacted Netgear my router is R6200 and they showed me how to lower the range on the router that should have enabled me to connect but still all it does is keeps searching but never connects, so I sent the phone into LG and they claim that the GPS chip failed!! so they fixed that and sent it back. Guess what it still will not connect. Can anyone tell me why this is happening???

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