Problem getting folders back into Outlook Express after transfer

By Valisa
Dec 11, 2010
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  1. I got a new external drive and started to transfer all my files & folders over from my old external drive. One of the folders I keep external contains all of my Outlook Express mail folders / subfolders.

    During the transfers, I got an error message telling me the main Inbox folder couldn’t be transferred due to Cyclic Redundancy Check. All of the sub-folders I have created under my Inbox folder DID transfer just fine, and all of my old mail appeared when I opened Outlook Express - except for the mail from the main Inbox folder which did not transfer.

    I found a dowload called JFileRecovery and it repaired the Inbox folder. I was able to transfer the repaired Inbox folder over to the new external drive . . . BUT, when I opened Outlook Express again, now ONLY the main Inbox folder mail is appearing in Outlook Express. All of the other folders that WERE showing up just fine are somehow not associated with Outlook Express any more. They are still on the new external drive but Outlook Express is not displaying any of them since I transferred the repaired main Inbox folder.

    I made sure that Outlook Express is the program associated to open these folders under Properties for these .dbx files. I tried the Import feature in Outlook Express to try to re-integrate the folders but I’m getting an error saying, “The files cannot be imported. It may be because Outlook Express or another program is using them”.

    At the moment, I am able to download all new mail, so at least OE is functional. But I have no access to any of the old sub-folder mail (some of which I do need for reference).

    I’m using Windows XP and Outlook Express 6

    Can anyone tell me how to get these folders back into Outlook Express and get all of my mail back together?

  2. jim76

    jim76 TS Rookie

    In this situation, I used EmailAdept Outlook Express Recovery software to retrieve messages from DBX files.
  3. Valisa

    Valisa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'll check into that. Thanks for your help.

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