Problem installing OS, help

By Brendon7339
Feb 4, 2009
  1. About two weeks ago I built a custom computer for my self, the motherboard is an Asia p5n-d I put an intel e7300 and 4 gb of ddr2 ocv ram, an ocv 600 watt psu and an nvidia gtx 260. I installed the windows 7 beta and it ran beautifully for about a week, when my pogrsms started crashing. Then It would bsod alot. I decided to reinstall windows. So after booting to disc and running the install I can only extract the files to 10% before I get an error, I know the disc is fine since I have used it on other computers since, I've checked my disc drives and there is no problem, I even swapped out with a brand new motherboard after returning the first one, I also bought a new hd, could this be a ram issue, also note that after removing one stick of ram, I can get to 100% and through the first restart only for the system to go into what I can only describe as standby mode, but will never turn back on, I'm very frustrated with this please someone help!
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    did you check the mobo was compatible before buying it ?
  3. Brendon7339

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    It is compatible because it was running fine and installed beautifully prior to this, I'm wondering if by removing that 1st piece of dual channel ram it's causing an error because ira dual channel , but if the second lice is in, it won't get past 10% without erroring out
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