Problem loading Medieval 2 Total War

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Nov 14, 2006
  1. problems123

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    I also have the same problem as Zap123 and thesutton24 PLEASE help us. I love that game.
  2. godgives

    godgives TS Rookie

    Disc 2 read error workaround

    this fix applies to the downloaded version of mtw2. I couldnt get the game to install because It wouldnt read from disk 2. So what i did was use power iso to extract all the disk images into one directory. this is the only way to get it to read the files off of disk 2. If done right It will never ask you for disk two. This is def not a hardware issue. seems more like some sort of copy protection because i had this issue on more than one pc.
    ps. does anyone know the difference in proformance with x86 and x64 machines? Im willing to go back to x86 for improved proformance in mtw2. Diehard

  3. pluribus unum

    pluribus unum TS Rookie

    how much do the LG Drives cost?
  4. problem child

    problem child TS Rookie

    Problem installing medieval 2 'gold edition'

    Hey peeps....

    Im attempting to install my copy of medieval 2 gold edition, however im having problem due to the destination file.

    On my older copy of medieval 2 i can select my second hard disk drive 'J:' drive, however gold edition does not give me this option and will instantly attempt to install on my 'C:' drive....which doesnt have the required memory.

    As i have had it installed before it is very frustrating.

    Is there a way to bypass this and go straight for my J drive or should it instantly read the two as one and its a problem on my part??

    Any help suggestions would be much appreciated, however try to remember i am almost computer retarded and may need things spelled out.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. SOAD

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    Use Windows Explorer to access the files on the first Medieval 2: Total War disk. Go to the directory m2tw/disk1. There is a setup.exe file there. Double click on it. That file runs an older version of the installer that allows you to install to whatever drive you wish without running the check on the system drive.

    I had the same issue as you, but when I ran that installer, I was able to install the game to a different drive. I have run the game and it works fine.
  6. problem child

    problem child TS Rookie

    Worked a treat....cheers.
  7. xSnFx IVIonster

    xSnFx IVIonster TS Rookie

    umm im not like any of you mine was working before same coumputer game disk not scrathed and when i put the disk in the tray it will not load anything anybody know anything that can help?
  8. jakemister1

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  9. jakemister1

    jakemister1 TS Rookie

    im really confused how to do that

    ok i have the same problem with my. Everything goes smoothly during insalation and i click onto the icon and it starts to load then a message pops up and it says'' medieval 2 total war has encountered an unspecafied error and will now have to exit, but i dont fully understand how you said to fix it, i mean i just googled magic iso and i wasnt sure what to do from there. So if you could help that would be awsome cuz the game looks freaken amazing lol.
  10. Ronnie3

    Ronnie3 TS Rookie

    Hi, i need help with medieval 2 total war as well. I just need to know if i need a dvd rw or dvd rom drive. Please respond asap because im reeeaaaally anxious to play it. =)
  11. lingling

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    I got M2TW and downloaded it on my family computer, then i downloaded it on my laptop.
    It worked for a couple months and then i got the message: Cannot Locate The DVD-ROM,
    Plase insert the correct DVD-ROM, select ok and restart the application everytime i try to play the game ):
    Someone plz help!
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