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Nov 24, 2012
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  1. Hi all,
    Having problems with my brother's Compaq Presario SR1620NX. He got a bad virus, and I destroyed his recovery partition in the process of trying to fix it. Was able to find and install a copy of XP pro. Having problems in Device manager though I have 2 yellow triangles/question marks and I have tried uninstalling and turning off computer and then reinstalling with windows update to no avail. the problem areas are : SM Bus Controller , I assume for a mobo driver of some kind, the motherboard is a ms 7184 known to compaq as a AmethystM-GLGE I believe. and the DVD writer/reader is HL DT ST DVD RAM GSA H54N both of these I cannot get fixed and I have tried to find drivers with no avail. Hope someone can help!

    Tip: if someone says "what you say?" dont repeat what you said louder, pause and say it in a different way/ this usually always clears up the problem!
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    You should be able to go to the HP support site type in the model of your computer, It will give you all your original drivers plus software that came with your computer. Compaq is owned by HP.
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    I appreciate all your helpful hints good sirs, but so far they lead no where. The first poster...the mobo site only has ATI catalyst drivers and I believe I already have those for vid card...the last site suggested...I never got the dvd driver nfo files but I did get 10 types of malware/adware that I could not opt out of. Not tryin to come across as rude here, but lots of those driver sites are scams. the compaq site I can get to by google [compaq presario sr1620nx] but somehow they left out the mobo driver and dvd driver files.
    /me goes to corner to bang head on wall
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    Bother and fusticake theres no edit button on these posts...gbhall thank were right the motherboard drivers were there where you said they were...they say ATI on them and I assumed they were for a video a newb ok?
    the problem with my dvd drive...hahahaha is different altogether...because I wiped my brother in laws recovery partition his dvd drive went from letter E: to letter D: and it doesnt like that!!! I have to go in to adminstrator accessory options and manually reset it to the correct drive letter...will post directions in a bit if I can remember. Thanks All..sorry for the grumpiness, I had insomnia..ok?
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    I was able to fix my sm bus controller problems with gbhall's information. I kept hitting a wall with the dvd drive however, then I found a driver finder tool that said this HL DT ST DVD RAM GSA H54N is a particularly grumpy dvd drive when changing operating systems. then I noticed it kept sayin there was a registry error with the cd I did a search for registry error cd rom and found a microsoft fix it tool....I did have to open the case and unplug the dvd/cd burner/reader both the power and the data cable...then plug them back in...but the program did eventually fix the registry errors and im back in business!!!

    please close this thread...I hope someone might find help from these entries in the future 0-0.
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    Hp computer are a pain, When switching there os ,From the factorys, Glad to see you got it. Good luck

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