Problem when booting my laptop

By Frank84
Aug 15, 2008
  1. Ok when i try to boot my laptop, the light show that power is on but the hard-drive do not boot. After trying many many times, i finally gets it to boot.

    This problem happen as well as with AC plug as with the battery.

    I have a IBM Thinkpad T30 2366

  2. hoy

    hoy TS Rookie

    check ur power supply or check the connection of ur HDD if it is connected correctly. or buy another new laptop. hehe lol
  3. travler2160

    travler2160 TS Rookie

    no boot

    I have same problem with old computer. T30 have heat problem for memory. the solder get hot, causing cracks to form and not electric flow. The fix is resolder conections 200 per slot. Can be done in less than 1/2 hour I am told. If under warenty, have them give you a new mobo with fix as they did a recall for this problem. most happen over time and when upgrade is done done. Poor design.
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