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Problem with Adaptec iSCSI controller

By cheerful
Oct 5, 2009
  1. I have an Adaptec iSCSI 7211C on server 2003. The disk are not accessible. In Device Manager, the following are listed

    Adaptec ASAMGMT Processor Device
    Adaptec Embedded Serail ATA HostRAID Controller
    Adapetc Storage Acceleartor 7211C - 1Gb iSCSI (Initiator)

    These are all fine. The Accelerator is shown on PCI Slot 3.

    However, the last one has a yellow mark

    SCSI Controller. It's shown in PCI Slot 4. I can't get a driver for it. Adaptec website has none.

    I've had problem in the past and I have moved the controller from one slot to the other. But now neither slot works.

    Any hint on how to fix this? Thanks!
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