Problem with dwwin.exe on XP SP3

By rmdl51
Jul 2, 2008
  1. Hello! I recently installed SP3 on my PC, then a few days ago I installed a Harmony remote software, well everytime I shut down the computer window pops up and said "dwwin.exe dll initialization failed" and another window show up with the logitech app said it's not responding and it won't shut down until I click end now.

    So, I uninstalled the logitech software and it shuts down now without any other click but the dwwin.exe still shows up, it nothing like affect the performance but it's just annoying seeing it there and I want to know how to solve this.

    I've search a little bit and I know this is a dr watson program and some said it requires to edit the registry, but can't really find what they suggest to other users, besides they seem to have problems with acrobat reader and I don't have any issues with that program.

    Another weird behavior (I don't know if it's related or not) is that everytime I try to open windows live messenger it looks like it's gonna install but then it opens normally, (you know show the progress bar "opening install package", etc.) and also firewall from AVG is behaving weird every time I boot says "internet UDP connection is being attempted by 192.168......."

    Well I don't know if anything from that has anything to do with the main problem but it starts like this after the SP3/logitech install.

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