Problem with fx5200 ultra card

By clambo
Oct 8, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I have an ABS computer running windows xp home

    it has a 300 watt power supply
    gigabyte 7zmmh_e motherboard
    768 megs ram pc133
    60 gig hd
    generic dvd player
    hp 8200 series cdrw
    duron 1000 cpu
    (it used to have a crummy mx4000 video card)

    today i put in 512megs more memory (it had 256) and it sped up my battlefield 1942 to playable levels with the 768 - so far so good

    THEN i put in a PNY fx5200 ultra card from another computer i have and it looked ok *maybe somewhat sharper and the windows automatic driver update said I had the best driver for it right now.

    But when I go to play games it locks up! (screen goes blank and system is locked up) I reboot it and it does everything except play games
    *it does play a youtube video in the little window that pops up

    BTW I rebooted it and I'm using it NOW to do this post with the PNY fx5200 ultra card

    I don't get it. any ideas?
  2. Badfinger

    Badfinger TS Rookie Posts: 155

    So in normal NON-gaming, the FX5200 Ultra is fine?

    Check the fan on it, make sure it's clear of debris and working.

    Also, make sure the RAM is seated perfectly, and if it's different kinds, could be an incompatibility problem, I'd try the system with just the new 512, is it 3 sticks now or just 2? Either way you've lost DUAL channeling the RAM if the motherboard was able to do that, can't do it with 3 sticks in or 2 sticks of different sizes...

    Visit: For RAM tester boot CD you burn yourself then use to check out RAM thoroughly without ever going into Windows.
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