problem with hd

By AngelOfLighT
May 9, 2007
  1. Hi, How are you All.
    im having a problem couse i had a power shut down on my house, and my pc went down the system.
    and the Hd is out for no reason at all. its a dell 9100/
    when i see the system i can see the hd maxtor 6l160m0 160gb.
    the system saids is controlled by the bios
    sats operation, combined (detect ahci y ata)
    when i try to run windows xp it saids it wont detected.
    i dont know what to do, so you can help me out!!
  2. DellCA

    DellCA TS Rookie Posts: 16


    My name is Todd and I'm a customer advocate at Dell's corporate headquarters. My team was developed to help customers via blogs and forums. I saw your post and wanted to respond.

    If you are seeing that hard drive in BIOS I tend to think that the drive itself has not failed. I could be wrong, of course, but thats my first impression.

    Have you tried to run the Dell BIOS based hard drive diagnostics on the drive? If you restart the system at the Dell splash screen hold down the <CTRL> & <ALT> keys, then tap the letter <D>. That will start a BIOS level test of the hard drive, which will test the drive. If it passes that would be a better indication.

    Let me know if that test passes or fails and we'll try some other steps to see if we can connect to the drive.

    Thank you,


    Customer Advocate
    Dell, Inc.
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