Problem with LAN and Wireless

By shinakito
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Okay i browsed many topics on LAN troubles i still can,t get LAN games to work.

    My main pc has a nvidia network controller card.
    The other comp is a Dell laptop using wireless to connect.

    Both are linked to my netgear router. I managed to get a static IP and fowarded the ports and also installeed NETBUI(sp?) and IPX/NETBIOS. Nothing works.

    Both can play the games normally...but can't play in the same room or server.
    I.E. In gunbound, when both comps are in the same room if i sya something...both characters will say it as if we had the same ip.

    This is really frustrating as i tried everything i could think of.

    No firewalla nor antiviruses are turned on. Turned off trend micro from netgear router...turned off prots blocking too! Nothing works.

    My guess is...if my PC is linked to the router via ethernet cable and my laptop via wireless...means they cant connect to each other?

    By the network works fine as i can acess both comps from each one.

    Help please!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. tipstir

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    Welecome to Techspot since it's your first post! :)

    Don't use IPX for Novell, stay with TCP/IP Microsoft Clients... Make sure both desktop wired and the laptop get connected using LAN cable first. This way if everything works LAN (home) and WAN (internet) then you can see if the wireless fires up correctly.
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