Unable to Load Facebook; Instagram and Whatsapp

I have a very strange problem if anyone can help. I have COX internet and everything works fine except that I cannot load Facebook; Instagram and Whatsapp (all owned by Facebook). Only those 3 URL"s fail. The url just times out.
I have tried 3 browsers; used different DNS's; run Firefox in safe mode; and nothing works. A different PC connected to the same router works, as does my phone on wifi from the Router. Just my PC ethernet connected to a router.
Then the strangest thing happens. If I use a VPN with a New York IP address it all works and if I connect my PC to the router via wireless it all works. Only on ethernet does it fail.
I am beyond puzzled. Help!


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Make note of the ethernet card type you have and go grab a driver for it. Once you have that you can try uninstalling it from device manager then reboot. Windows will likely reinstall it with the driver it has but you should run your driver and do it again. See if that helps.