Problem with my network connections

By ravikrishna.ism
Mar 10, 2009
  1. Hi guys,
    now a days i'm getting some peculiar problem in my windows. i'm connected to my college LAN. we use DC++ here to share our files. my network connection icon in my system tray always shows connected but i am unable to join DC++ hubs and i don't get even internet also.

    when i turn on my system i'll get internet and i'll join hubs also but slowly with in 10 to 15 min the hubs will get disconnected and i don't get internet.

    if i disable and enable my network connection the problem repeats. i'll be connected to my hubs for some time and after that my computer got disconnected form the hubs.

    i tired changing the lan prots and lan chords also still no success.

    i hope i made my problem clear.

    i'm really scared of this. i don't know whether it is a problem with my computer or problem in my LAN.
  2. Neonic

    Neonic TS Rookie Posts: 24

    I would assume that the P2P ports that you have set DC++ to use are being blocked by either a software or hardware firewall.

    To be honest i would also assume that a college or university would block P2P ports from the get go to stop their students pirating. If this is the case there is going to be very little you can do.

    Check the configured ports that DC++ is using, if you have access to the firewall unblock these ports.

    If you ARE pirating i would strongly suggest not doing it on your schools LAN as if they find out not only will you get expelled but you may even find yourself on the end of a lawsuit.

    If you think you are safe think again, Direct Connect is one of the easiest programs for the RIAA or similar to track piracy.

    If you are legitimately file sharing non copyrighted material i would also strongly suggest getting rid of the bag of s*hit known as DC as it is total crap. Look into Bittorrent, its much more secure, simple to use and much MUCH more stable.

    Having said that, port blocking P2P wouldn't really stop you from accessing websites, if you are not able to access websites then it sounds more like the college is blocking your internet access.....this would lead me to believe that they have detected P2P use (Which most places dont allow) and have blocked your connections.

    If after all this is said and done it is NOT down to your college blocking stuff then it could also be:

    - A crap ISP dropping the connection - Nothing you can do here but moan at them. Maybe switch providers, which i doubt you have any control over

    - A Crap router/modem losing sync, once again nothing you can do other than mention it to you admin and maybe ask him to buy a new one. A good way to find this out is if other people are having the same trouble on the college LAN aside from you.

    You can also check the LAN cable, make sure the RJ45 plug isnt loose and that it sits securley in the LAN port of your pc.
  3. ravikrishna.ism

    ravikrishna.ism TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply...

    in my college p2p is not blocked...

    i have to check my whether it is problem with my port or with lan router...

    today i'll try to connect form another hostel and see what happens.....

    thanks once again
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,170   +989

    First solve the access to the Internet (eg browsing and email) and then the p2p issue.

    Second, verify the accuracy of HUB; Using a hub is problematic with the setup as
    a HUB offers no DHCP service and getting the TCP config correct can be an issue.
    The HUB will work fine *if and only if* there is a router upstream in the network to
    create a unique IP address.

    See this post for testing TCP Settings
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