Audio Problem with plug-in jack for speakers


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Hi -
Sorry but I don't know the correct term for this jack.

We have a notebook computer - HP, 4 years old, Win 7 - that requires the speakers to work and be loud enough to hear at the other end of the house. For whatever reason the jack that comes out the front of the computer and runs to the speakers (the built-in speaker is barely audible) has stopped working. Sometimes it works a little, especially if I sit there and jiggle it and don't let it go or walk away. It's a long jack.

Is there a way I can plug this into something else so that we can hear the speakers?

Any help will be appreciated.



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This option may solve your sound problem. It is a cheap alternative to using the built-in audio jacks


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Just plug into the back of the computer, instead of the front. They are more reliable.

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Hi Doug ,This is fairly common with the 3.5mm stereo sockets.
The contacts inside the socket lose connection with the 3.5mm jack that you plug in, so that's why you sometimes get sound if you move the plug around.
The sockets can be repaired or better replaced, at some cost, but they are cheaply made and don't last.
I found an adapter that plugs into USB socket, and gives a 3.5mm socket output, for under £5 and that works well. If you are needing to hear sound a fair distance from the laptop, then some amplification would be an improvement, and I would think an 'ipod' sound 'dock' (I have one with a 3.5mm AUX input (most have them on the back) and it works well.
I have a Gear4 'Houseparty' dock, 3.5mm Aux in, and it's surprisingly good quality and about 20 Watts output if needed.
The Sony 'docks' get very well reviewed for sound quality. Most can be powered by batteries (cells) if needed.
If quality is not such an issue, our Supermarkets stock their own versions at 1/3rd the price, they may be good enough for the job.
You would need a long lead with 3.5mm plugs on each end too, but not difficult to make up, or buy I would have thought.
The latest idea with this are the Bluetooth speakers, which would save using a cable.