Problem with rundll error msgs

By mlmassie
Jul 22, 2008
  1. hello everyone, first of all i installed a ati 4850 in my computer without uninstalling a geforce 6600 ( i know i should've uninstalled it but i got exicited), anyway now at loaded windows startup i get c:\win\system32 nvmctray.dll & nvcpl.dll could'nt load messages. i cannot find these .dll files in system32. i reinstalled the 6600 card & drivers and did what i should' ve done in the first place but still get the same msgs. i tried drive sweeper to no avail. i've also tried safe mode. i really do not want to reformat windows if i don't have to. my specs are win xp sp3, 5000be, ati4850, msi 570lt, 2gb gskiil, soyotech460 watts, 1dvd & 1cdrom. i appreciate any help you might be able to give. thanks
  2. mlmassie

    mlmassie TS Member Topic Starter

    fixed my problem

    i guess i knew the answer but had forgotten from past experience. the solution was go to msconfig. and deselect the startup checks of each . i wish every computer problem was this easily solved. thanks
  3. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    That's a cardinal sin to not get rid of nvidia uninstall then put your ATI in.

    Since you didn't do this there is a big chance you will need to format.

    What happens when you install the ATI drivers ? is all well ?
  4. mlmassie

    mlmassie TS Member Topic Starter

    thanks for replying, i think i was having a senior moment when i did that. anyway i hope i don't have to reformat. the only problems i've seen are bioshock demo locked my computer up completely, i had to reboot , and i cannot install the 8.7 cat. drivers,(at least the drivers no. still reads 8.5 in device mgr.) so i guess the drivers 8.7 aren't installed. i wanted to modify the xml. file to cool down the card but the profile saved does not appear to allow me to do that. could these problems be because of my "moment"?
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