Problem with VLC portable app


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I have 700 mb's of tunes on a flashdrive I wanted to play at a friends place & so I installed the portable version of VLC on the same flashdrive & it worked on mine yet when I tried it on his pc, it didn't & he said it was because he don't have VLC on his pc.
Confused, I removed it from my pc & sure enough the portable VLC didn't work. Why??


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Bad install of the portable. it is accessing resource on the installed version on the PC.

You have the right approach;
  • uninstall the PC version
  • download the portable and move it to a flashdrive
  • try that version.
if good, copy it to the other FD


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Ok, did as you said but it didn't work like it does on the pc. Maybe its not supposed to, I'll continue to tinker with it. :)


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@Siavash , are you suggesting that from experience or not & did you read this thread? Just curious. I've had that program in the past but for reasons I don't remember, I got rid of it. :)


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@learninmypc Nope, I was just passing by but couldn't miss the opportunity to increase my post count :D Joking aside, I've used Audacious for about 2 years on Linux and was pretty happy with that. It was pretty lightweight and capable of playing popular music formats; just switched to Amarok lately because of better KDE integration.

The Windows version is a portable (no installation required) 20MB zip file, after extraction head into the "bin" folder and run the "audacious.exe" executable to enjoy your musics.


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Ok, but first of all, the purpose of this thread is/was to find out why a portable app don't work like it is supposed to do. I've used FF portable on same computer at my friends place & it worked fine.
In my opinion, I should be able to use VLC on his pc even thou he don't have it. So no, I can't download Audacios on his just to try it out. But thanks for the thought :)