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Problems formatting/reading Sandisk Cruzer 16GB in Win 7

By bobzorn
May 10, 2009
  1. I have similar problem recognizing Sandisk 16 Gb micro cruzer in windows 7 computer. I can see it in disk management but it will not let me format it. I can read other sandisk cruzer drives in this windows 7 computer and the one micro cruzer I can't read in windows 7, I can read in vista and xp computers. I was able to reformat the drive in an xp machine and then I could read it in the windows 7 computer and I could also write to it. However, that only lasted a few days and once again I can no longer read the micro cruzer in windows 7 computer although I can read it in other computers ( vista and xp). Any thoughts or suggestions. Oh yes I have other sandisk micro cruzers that read and write fine in my windows 7 computer. I am running the release candidate version 7100 of windows 7 from May 5th and it does update fine.
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,546   +430

    The only reason you should be formatting a flash drive is to change the filesystem type.

    It seems odd that the drive works fine in other OSes, so I don't have any real advice. I wouldn't get too stressed about it since the problem is happening only in a OS that is really still a beta.
  3. bobzorn

    bobzorn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I really am not stressed just wondering what could cause the problem and if it was due to windows 7. Another friend also had a problem reading sandisk cruzer drive in his windows 7 computer. Windows 7 has been rock steady and I really like it. Only real problem I observed is the issue with finger drive.

    I tried today to refresh explorer and the OS suggested I reboot the computer. I left the finger drive in the computer and did a reboot. Lo and behold windows explorer now was reading the sandisk finger drive. Everythinig working once again. Advice is if you are having a problem with windows 7 and finger drive, try a reboot.

    Also I would like to alert people to the fact that I had a working finger drive and when using windows 7 I had a problem. To try and make it work I tried to assign it a drive letter in disk management and by my error I hit "simple drive". What that did was overwrite the boot record on the flash drive and now I couldn't see the finger drive in any computer. I was able to recover all the files on the finger drive using R-Studio which I highly recommend - it worked in windows 7. I then needed to format the finger drive to get it to work again. I could not format the drive on the window 7 machine so I formatted it on my windows XP machine. I then was able to read the drive in my windows 7 machine and I loaded all the restored programs on it and everything was working fine until yesterday when I could no longer see the drive on my windows 7 machine. Once again my fault as all I needed to do was reboot with the finger drive connected.

    I am just trying to share some of my experiences with the Sandisk cruzer and windows 7 operations. Yes it does work but you have to be careful and alert when using it.
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