Problems getting Red Alert 3 to run on Vista 64

By Hoopey
Sep 11, 2009
  1. Yesterday i bought and installed Red Alert 3 on to my Mesh computer.
    The computer is running Vista 64bit. The programme loaded ok but when i came to start it i got the following error message:-

    Application failed to start d3dx9_35.dll not found.

    Today i took the game back to GAME and told the man what i had found. He sais it was a graphics card conflict. He did however also give me a replacement game. ( which makes me suspicious as to whether he really knew what he was talking about.)

    Can anybody help with this problem. My search through the internet confirms that Red Alert 3 will run on vista 64 bit.

    I have also been told that this problem may be caused by loading DIRECTX 9. Ihave tried this but have encountered the following problem:-

    When i run the dx set up the following happens:-

    A welcome screen tells me " welcome to dx setup" i then accept the terms and conditions etc.

    The programme then tells me that it is " installing components".

    Then " initializing".

    Then "copying files"

    Then i get a message telling me that " microsoft directx set up has stopped working"

    I also get this if i attempt to load the same programme supplied on the gaming disk i'm trying to run on the computer.

    My system is an AMD Phenom II 945 with a 1TB hard drive, ATI Radeon HD4550 graphics card + 512mb onboard ATI radeon HD 3200 GPU. The operating system is vista home 64 bit. I have updated all the video drivers using the ATI ctalyst control centre.

    I hope someone can shed some light on this as i'm getting rather frustrated going around in circles trying to get the RED ALERT 3 game to run.

    Thanks in advance

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