Problems reinstalling XP pro

By deego
Nov 23, 2008
  1. I have been trying to format my pc and reinstall windows xp pro (which is already on the computer) but it wont boot the xp pro os from the disk even thouth its the same disk that installed the one currently on the system and the system is set to boot from cd.what it does is ask to pres any key to boot from disk and when i do it boot up system normally instead of the running the os on the disk.can someone please help me?
  2. captain bentley

    captain bentley TS Rookie

    One Possibility

    Are you perhaps using a USB keyboard? Depending on your system - sometimes you need to have a keyboard with an old-fashioned PS/2 connection in order to have keyboard access during boot-up. It is possible that your system is not recognizing that you are pressing a key on your USB keyboard.

    If this is not the case - after your system boots up - can you explore the xp disc in your cd drive? Perhaps the disc is damaged?
  3. deego

    deego TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i am using a usb there anyway of doing it while using the usb keyboard?
  4. markjack

    markjack TS Rookie

    It maybe possible to do, it depends on your motherboard bios,
    By entering the Bios system . it is sometims possibe to select Legacy support
    with in bios system.

    2 enter bios most of the time is just holding down the del key 2 enter into motherboard system bios, & this also depends on your system board.

    But i think for u is go and get your self an older ps2 keyboard , sometimes u can pick them up for about $15 - $25.
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