Problems with LOP trojan

By Hansen_45
Jul 12, 2008
  1. Hi, recently I've been having problems with my computer such as not being able to turn on automatic updates, losing access to certain sites, and all kinds of pop ups. It turned out that it was all symptoms of Vundo. So I did some surfing trying to find corrections to it. I downloaded the exterminate-it security thing. It scanned my computer and found plenty of other things wrong with it. Since my dad didn't want to activate (buy) the antivirus thing, the only thing i could do was scan and then manually delete all of the files that were said to be infected. As far as i know, i've removed vundo. But everytime i scan with exterminate-it, the only result is LOP | Hijacker, Popup | c:\windows\tasks\___________ (i cant remember the exact characters). I try to go to that location, but it cant be found and im still having problems getting automatic updates turned back on. 've also got the CiD thing. I did a scan with HJT. ill attach the log.
    Any suggestions? Im not VERY good with computers, so i will need pretty good directions.
  2. Hansen_45

    Hansen_45 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm still in need of some help.
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