Problems with new RAM on Gigabyte board

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Dec 10, 2005
  1. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    A cheapo 450 will likely get anyone by, depending on what they are running, but only for a while, even up to a year or so.
    However, please dont say a cheapo 450 is as good as a good 350, simply NOT true. Im not arguing, only giving you the real facts.
    You see, a ps is more than just watts! That is where my argument clicks in.
    A cheapo has junk inside, all the parts. A good ps has thermal cutoff protection that a cheapo just doesnt have!! There are other parts inside a good ps that are lacking or cheapened down in a cheapo, so you cant say its just as good. Honestly, i am not writing this for nothing.
    Just the thermal protection alone is worth paying for a good ps!!
    cheapo - can lie about the wattage and really be only 350 anyway, and no thermal protection. When the cheapo burns up it often takes the mobo, vid card, and other parts down with it!!
    When a good ps dies, it kills itself and it saves the mobo and other parts.
    So you cannot say what you said, honestly.
    However, the cheapo will get you by for a while as is, usually.
    Dont believe me? Read:
    There are other web pages with more info, just use google.
    But what i printed above should keep you busy, lol.
    Sorry, i dont mean to argue or sound like a know it all, im not, but i do know a bit about ps's! Not as much as i should know, but a bit anyway.
    One last thing, a good ps doesnt have to cost a lot. I see and and other places have sales on good ps's and even full price can be had for only $40 or so.
    When you often have $600 to $1,000 and more tied up in your pc, how could you not spend $50 for the most important part!!
    I realize you already bought the ps, im only saying all this for your future purchases and because i hate to see people uninformed. So i hope you take this info with the care and spirit in which it is given.
    Dont forget, it comes my turn for advice around here too, im not Mr know it all, lol.
  2. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Cant help myself, lol. I forgot one thing.
    As i said, the thermal cutoff protection that is built into a good ps is worth the price alone. But, remember that wattage is arbitrarily obtained and the good ps mfgrs understate the wattage on their ps's, or at least they state the wattage based on good principles, whereas the cheapo mfgrs simply and flat-out lie!!! You see statements like 680 watts for a cheapo ps. Bull! A real, proper 680 watt ps cannot be built for that price! A good 680 watt ps would run over $150! Im not suggesting a person has to spend that amount, just making a point.
    As i stated above, a good ps can be had for $40.
    end of rant.
  3. fury

    fury TS Rookie

    Sorry, my mistake. Should have clarified ;)

    I mean in general, a generic 450 watt will probably run about the same system as a good 350 watt will, not that it has the same/better ratings in each rail or has any of the advanced protection features that the typical decent 350w does. Assuming the load doesn't often exceed what's typical, then there won't be very much of a difference running short-term on a cheap 450w vs a good 350w.

    I totally did not mean to equate cheap 450's with good 350's. It just came out wrong.
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