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Problems with search engine links

By malnut
Jan 15, 2009
  1. Hello,
    It appears that I have been experiencing a common problem by the threads posted here. The problems that my computer was having were as follows: when first starting the computer a dialogue box would appear to claim that Win32.Zafi.B virus had infected my system and would I like to scan my computer, also when I searched for solutions on Google and tried to go to a desired website a new tab would open with an undesired website. To try and fix my problem I attempted to go to msconfig which would cause my system to turn off.

    After a very long night of trying to find a quick fix I stumbled across this site and got some good advice. I have since followed the 8-step removal instructions, and I believe most of these problems have disappeared.

    The question now begs, can I ever trust my computer again? I have used my computer for online bill pay, and for checking my bank statements, but now after reading your threads I feel hesitant to put my trust in my machine.

    I have since changed most of my passwords on a more secure computer, and I never use the auto save feature for logins.

    My computer was used when I bought it and did not include any of the driver or backup disks and therefore I don't believe a reformat and reinstallation would be my best course of action. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I have also attached my logs:
  2. malnut

    malnut TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I am not sure if this is helpful but as I recall the night before I began having said problems, my banking site suggested that I update my adobe reader and I clicked a link that took me to a site that looked like adobe.com. After downloading what I thought was an update a weird icon appeared in my start menu that listed a program called adobe.com.exe

    After booting up the next day most of my problems with changing websites and closing of the internet explorer began.

    I wasn't sure if anyone else was having problems with a similar threat, but it would be interesting to see.

    Thanx for any input you may have.
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