Problems with Vista and XV6700 smartphone

By bradthegreat
May 31, 2008
  1. So I just got a Verizon xv6700 smartphone from work. I got it on my plan and all that jazz and it works great. I plugged it into my computer running Vista Business 32-bit and it popped up the 1GB SD card I had and let me drag things onto it. Better yet, I downloaded the Windows Mobile Device Center goodness and got it synced up with my Outlook 2007. It was great, syncing email, contacts and calendar via USB.

    So a few weeks ago, I plug it in and get nothing. It makes the USB noise, and I go into the Device Manager and find 'Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter' under the Network Adapters section...why the heck does it think my phone is a Network Adapter? Worse, it won't show up in Windows Explorer, won't show up in the Device Center for syncing and won't give me any way to access it...

    What is going on? How does it just stop working? I tried reinstalling a handful of times, uninstalling the driver, downloading phone updates, to no avail. It just plain flat out stopped working. Funny thing is I can sync it fine with my XP box running Active Sync...any help on this would be much appreciated so I can get my life synced again.
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