Project Spartan is now Microsoft Edge

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Apr 29, 2015
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  1. Project Spartan, Microsoft’s codename for its Windows 10 browser, now has an official name. Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore, just revealed that Spartan will arrive as Microsoft Edge and that web extensions will be built right in.

    This means that Microsoft’s brand new browser will be able to run extensions that were originally built for Chrome and Firefox. Myerson briefly showed off a Chrome extension running on Edge with only minimal changes to make it happen.

    This could be a pretty big deal but unfortunately, he didn’t spend much time on it before moving on. The overall UI of Edge as well features like Cortana integration and note-taking with a stylus are all still present, however.

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  2. Internet Explorer was a great name because it was so descriptive, even your grandparents can figure out what it is for. Microsoft Edge though? What is that? It tells you nothing about what the program is, what does "edge" have to do with browsing the internet? I guess they are just trying to be edgy.
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  3. Tekkaraiden

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    In fairness Chrome and Firefox are not exactly great names for describing what they do either. Still I liked Spartan better.
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  4. Awen24

    Awen24 TS Rookie

    Really? 'Edge'?
    Is that the best they could come up with?

    At least Spartan sounded interesting, and dynamic.
    'Edge' sounds like a tablet, or that thing you always accidentally whack the side of your leg on, on a coffee table.
  5. Arris

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    Even worse they have "soft edge" in the name synonymous with poor lens quality in photography. Don't think the marketing department was very focused. *ahem*

    And EDGE is slow pre 3G phone comms tech...

    So what they are saying is that its poor quality and slow. In that case they could have just kept the Internet Explorer name.
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  6. The Edge retired from the WWE and now he's back from the dead.
  7. jobeard

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    :giggle: Being generous, beginning from the release of IE 6 in Aug, 25,'04,
    it has only taken MS 11 years to produce a browser compliant to W3C standards; my my, all those I.T. guys get to rewrite their browser sniffing code (again) upload_2015-4-30_12-23-6.
  8. SNGX1275

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    I saw someone mention this on another website. At best you are the author of that thought, but in reality you likely just copied it because it got a lot of responses wherever else you saw it.

    Thats the wrong argument, you are arguing like the elderly give a crap about the new Windows and whatever browser they came up with. The elderly don't care to know about the latest browser, Edge matters nothing to them.
  9. And you be wrong because I have tested spartan and it actually functions the exact same on all my website tests as internet explorer 11. That means we web developers have to still use gimmicky hacks and sub standard techniques to get stuff to look right. Sorry but they completely failed again to realize that a browser is to look at websites.. It's made entirely for viewing websites and enjoying them not screwing over websites and making it difficult for the people who sit there trying to make it work in that one single browser line up because they did not give a dam about having standards.
  10. Isn't internet explorer still woven into windows though?.. even in W10.. disregarding the edge/sparten buzz being merely a brandname/perception stunt.

    So when people use Edge to browse the internet, they'll be Edging... yeah?

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