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PS2 mouse / port

By tahsin
May 23, 2009
  1. Once had a dangarous virus attack like trojan loose all data needed to format my pc as well, problem start from here after a new installation of XP i found my ps2 mouse not working suddenly its totaly freeze cant move the cursor then took a viurs scan with kaspersky nothing found but my ps2 mouse continue uninstall by its own its often moved n suddenly get freeze n not working even i restart pc tried a new mouse also,found that its not install when i take a look on divice manager found that mouse not install any suggetion for me ? please share
  2. antil0ck

    antil0ck TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I would suggest that you try a new mouse. It is unlikely that a virus is causing this issue as you stated that you had formatted your drive (if you did a format and not a reinstall). If the problem continues, then buy a USB mouse instead.

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