PS3 hackers take on Modern Warfare 2

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Jan 18, 2011
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  1. We’ve seen mixed reactions over the recent PlayStation 3 root key exploit that has Sony looking for a legal passage against would-be jailbreakers. While some argue that it’s all about whether users really own the devices they purchase to modify or tweak at will, others are more concerned that hackers and cheaters jumping into online games might ruin the experience for everyone else. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be an issue for Modern Warfare 2.

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  2. It is totally out of control! I cannot get into a free for all without some a-hole hacker taking over the game. This sucks!
  3. This really is out of control. This used to be (up until a few weeks ago) one of the most fun multi-player experiences out there on PS3. My first experience was against someone utilizing "God Mode" as it appeared on their screen, which obviously allowed them to never die. My friend actually was in a hacked game and once the game was over, he noticed he had prestiged for the 10th time, and every emblem, weapon, killstreak, etc. was unlocked. So that's taken the fun out of the game for him. He actually wrote a message to one of the guys about cheating and got a response of "for $100, you can too!" To me, that's out of control.
  4. I witnessed a guy go 72 and 0 in team dmatch...he dropped several emergency airdrops. He was shooting in different directions and he will hit someone not to mention he carried more than 2 weapons and all were automatic....akimbo automatic rangers?...come on man
  5. So come on Mr Hotz. You started this. How about you come up with something constructive to stop it? Oh wait. you can't. Didn't really think this whole 'Let's hack the PS3' situation through did you?
  6. PC victory march I guess. It is quite unwise to rely solely on the protection of the platform than to put any kind of protection up against people hacking. Who would have known a popular console after a couple of years(long overdue) since launch would get hacked? It blows me away, considering every other console in existence had been hacked at some point in time and you must account for that even before you start developing for any platform. They're just asking for it.
    I'll just enjoy my buffed stats for now. :D
  7. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    So the few people that actually have and play ps3's online finally got what everyone else has been getting for a while. Albeit Steam with VAC and M$ Xbox360 with their bans keep cheating at a bare minimum. Besides these two platforming services, (almost) any game that has multiplayer has cheats,hacks,glitches, available for use and being updated when necessary. I dont care if someone else thinks that they've never seen a cheater on xbox/pc platform, they are there. Just google (game name) hacks for any game and you'll be hackin with the worst of em in no time...usually for less than 10$ a month.

    On to my next rant. STOP giving Geohot so much frickin credit. He barely had a hand in any of this as he contributed to accessing lv2 about 10 months ago then didnt contribute again until after, fail0verflow, Mathielu, Team Psjailbreak, and everyone else on the scene were elbow deep in the thick of it. And what he did contribute was a mesh of other peoples work and tools simply used by geohot to do something anyone else could have done. Hacking was made possible on day one of release of jailbreak and geohot had only circumstantial ties to that at best.

    Thirdly Yes, this is Sony's fault. Sony relied so heavily on the security in place that they shrugged off any implications that maybe someday their system would be vulnerable and would need extra security. Also since Sony are the ones that actually developed jigs to access their system and then somehow let one of these jigs be snooped and replicated, causing this whole mess in the first place, It doesn't fair any better for them.

    My condolences to all ps3 owners who can no longer enjoy their shithead free gaming sessions.
    I'll stick with my PC gaming, where at the very least when a cheater is encountered everyone is already jive on what to do and how to spot them and how to boot them. ****, most Pc gamers have it down pat to record cheaters on the fly with the press of a button, because to them...It's just another day in multiplayer gaming.
  8. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    "Infinity Ward blames the recent PS3 hacks for online cheating that is, according to some, ruining the online experience. Apparently, they choose to ignore the fact that both Modern Warfare and MW2 were hacked via save files on both the 360 and PS3 long before Sony's keys were made public."

    ^ I also forgot to give props to blizzard for being a very non cheater friendly platform.
  9. Hacking has got way out of control on call of duty modern warfare 2. I went on last night and 19/20 games of free for all were hacked an all of the search and destroy matches were hacked. I have no challenges completed and I'm legitametly 10th prestige... I have 24 days playing time and for what ? For all of my assault rifles classes to only have the hearbeat sensor unlocked, and for people with aimbots to ruin my k/d. The game is basically unusable, and isn't even worth having anymore. PSN ogrejuice
  10. Every game in modern warfare 2 is hacked it's super gay it makes you hate hackers and playin games like dat...
  11. Crazy I just bought a PS3 to get away from all the hackers on PC like a week before this ***** hacks the PS3 and releases it on the net! Now I have to worry about the same stuff i was trying to get away from on the PC. I just Bought a PS3 for no reason.
  12. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    You bought a PS3 just in time to enjoy the show. Sit back, relax, pop in your favorite signed homebrew and enjoy your brand new open platform console. Emulators for every game ever published on one console anyone?
    Besides, at least the hackers on ps3 dont have microphones and whine like 12 year olds and scream vulgar obscenities at you.
  13. Cota

    Cota TS Enthusiast Posts: 513   +8

    I really hope this speeds up the fis of the security lack on all gaming plataforms, theres a lot of exploits/hacks on all consoles, this is only one of so many, personally i think a big one like EA games starts to develop a User Permanent Ban so those cheaters can never actually online game again, ISP's need to get in this too since they do have the infrastructure to find them even by the account of the hacker/cheater.
  14. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    Of course, but we do live in the real world where money is number one. Seriously though I like your train of thought and that would probably work well. Do this though, google a hack for any game then go to the forums of said hack and read for a while. You will find that when these hacks are detected, people get banned. These coders that write the hacks almost always have a side service for selling new keys at discount to get you right back in the game. So now, do you think Ea isn't fleetingly happy that they can keep the money coming simply by enforcing their rules just enough to allow people to rebuy the game and join right back in. So the cycle continues on and on. Some of the poorer coders that are not very well learned at their skill often end up buying mulitple keys themselves so they can keep testing and upgrading their third party software.

    Will Ea,IW,Treyarch,Activision, etc. put in place a system for one time bans? No, I dont believe so because they are in it for the money alot more than they are for giving you a bullshit free game playing experience.
  15. Obviously the developers of mw2 did not do a good job of protecting their own game. This is their fault not Sony's

    GeoHot is a hero to many!

    3DCGMODELER TS Enthusiast Posts: 307   +18

    I can not even play it anymore... RATS..
  17. princeton

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    So you purposely downgraded?
  18. I wasn't de-reanked in MW2, instead, I was ranked up to level 70. (on my 1st prestige), with all challenges completed. :( completely took away what I played the game for...
  19. this is all theory is that it's not sony's fault. I think the makers of the CoD series removed the encryption to allowing hacking on purpose in order to get people to stop playing MW2 and switch over to Black Ops which has gotten bad reviews since its release and is probably underselling.
  20. I have had a hard time recently (last couple of days) logging onto a game that does not include someone cheating. Watch out for people with clan tags {DT} and @@m and names with long random numbers after them. I have seen evidence of aimbots, I have lost progress on challenges, I have had my clan tag changed, I have had my killstreaks changed, I have entered a game where I was forced to use an intervention and a banner across the top of the screen red something about a quickscope mod; it is everywhere and as a legitimate player I would just like to play a legitimate game.
  21. If this is not fixed soon I would like a refund for the game and mach-packs.
  22. i go through 3 legit full prestiges then i get hacked to 10th by an unleaveable challenge lobby... please fix it sony this ruined the game for me its like i spent 10 days of my life playing this game for nothing
  23. I don't get it. there will always be a cheater not just in games but also your wife can cheat you. so stop ranting. the problem and solution here should be the MW2 security platform.

    look at, they can detect cheaters and suspend them and worst, banned them. If can do it, why not other ps3 server games. at the first place it was their own fault relying only to the ps3 hardware security. nah just my cents.

    and also geohot has directly nothing to do with server games. read people, his intent was the "other os" feature. even geohot released the master key, there are usb dongle which can do firmware downgrading, backup games etc. PR marketing move by sony and their partners.
  24. tonylukac

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    I guess with the Sony blunder it's back to PC gaming. Yipee!
  25. You cannot play any game type at all now without it being hacked...refund please.

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