PS3 hackers take on Modern Warfare 2

By Jos · 73 replies
Jan 18, 2011
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  1. I hadn't played MW2 on the PS3 since the jailbreak was released, until today that is!

    My favorite game of all time has been reduced to nothing but a playground for little d-bag hackers who didn't have the patience to reach the higher ranks without cheating.

    I joined 5 different games and all had been hacked, with super jumps, guns that shoot through walls, instant snipes, ulimited AC130 raining down hell upon you...Unfortunately, the game has become unplayable.

    Hope for the sake of all legitimate players, this can be resolved somehow!
  2. seriously someone has to fix this problem SONY!!!!.... its out of control theres hackers left and right plz fixxxxx asap
  3. It really does suck! Plus I think they do it on purpose so people get frustrated and buy a newer game.
  4. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    Very true, cheaters are nothing new in the PC world, or in any multiplayer gaming really, it's funny how when someone has control of the server the problem can be handled.

    I've been PC gaming for well over 9 years and will too stick to it, that and my 360. I love watching my buddy play MW2 and getting all fxcked up by the cheaters, haha go PS3.
  5. I hope the same hacking doesn't happen with Modern Warfare 3
  6. I just got de-rank for nothing on the 9th prestige! after i left the lobby it said XBOX 360! SONY do something now or ill shot my F'n system and never buy sony ever again!
  7. I seriously think we should all consider moving to xbox, cause I'm not sure they care enough to fix this. The thought of having to move to xbox is just wrong I know but at least there won't be little pricks that think it's awesome to mess with other peoples games lol
  8. eek

    eek TS Rookie Posts: 18

    i really hope hackers don't mess with mvc3...
  9. I've stopped playing my PS3 due to this problem. The hackers are out of control and I refuse to expose myself to them.
  10. i cant believe how hacked the games are even s&d i could be enjoying a game then the hacker decideds to ruin it....i got deranked 4 times then decided for the first time ever to 2 days im now prestige 10 easy yeah but i prefered to get that by skill alone ....aimbot godmode stupid walking ac130 jetpacks? jumping in the air under the map the list goes on and on the worst one is derec trotter /patch they derank you as soon as you join as do plaxgaming (found on you tube) plax remo deranked me hes the so called 17 year old loser/leader....we should ban all hackers
  11. I feel sorry for these cheaters. I mean they have a high speed connection online, couldn't they download porn a jack off. It's gotta be more fun then getting 75 kills without moving in a game. Must be complete losers.
  12. Gone all Gone 16 days of all my work and great fun and some F****ing hackers got it all and you know Infinity and Sony will do nothing for my time I have 5 playstations and it sucks loved the game gone wheres my REFUND HACKER FUDGE BOYS
  13. When you cant even play a nice match with out some kind of cheating or hacking going it becomes just not fun. I don't understand why these hackers/cheater would want to mess up a game where they make everyone not want to play it? Several times now i have been "promoted" to highest rank of my current prestige just in one match. They some how unlock all your items and guns just like that. You might think its fun but when u actual want to PLAY the game and get better at it is very boring. I hope PS3 or MW2 get to work on the issues. They are losing alot of there players due to this. What you think will happen when theres not players on MW2 to play with..... They will go Black Ops and do the same ole ****.

    Thank you.
  14. I decided to play MW2 today and it will be the last time. Seriously, every other game I played was hacked. This needs to be resolved. And since Black Ops is the worst COD game, as of yet that lame *** game is not an option for me. Thanks Activision/Treyarch. I would enjoy going one on one with a hacker in real life. If he ever decides to leave mommy and daddy's basement. LOSERS!
  15. HACKING LOSERS!! GET A JOB!! Friggin ridiculous is what this is. I paid for this PS 3 and MW 2 why??? And I'm reading that these hackers can't be stopped?! Yeah right. When it affects someone Sony or whoever feels is important enough, or when it REALLY starts affecting their money, it'll be a different story. You ought to be ashamed.
  16. Game ruined by sad hacker wankers cheating and making the game pointless.

    A really bad advert for Linux dickheads and shows why closed source is sometimes a very good idea.

  17. hackers ruined this game, Activision should stop bathing in their revenue and do some work for once and either fix the problems or stop shot gunning a CoD game every year. I am going to sell my copy today and I had no choice due to lack of support by Activision
  18. Hacking parasites. its just pathetic.

    A player buys a that an aim-bot will do the work for him? he isn't even playing...he's just walking around pressing "shoot"...what a load of *****ic FOOLS.

    the PS3 gives people joy and happiness with thrills and a rewarding experience...and now these selfish hackers come around and suck the life out of everything and everyone....its just so wrong
  19. I had to sucks, after 25 minutes I could not get into a single lobby without a hacker being there. Never again will i support or buy another game...Black-ops is already starting to get with Sony...or your money train will dry up!!!
  20. im playin now and i havent been in a hacked game sincethis morning lol either they fixed it or im lucky
  21. Just logged on after 4 months of no play….. I knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t know wtf was going on until my son informed me of the hacking. Multiplayer is not even playable. Guess I’m forced to play that crappy Black Ops game.
  22. a hacker ranked me up 2 preistge 5 rank 70 and i just started the game online
  23. I was playing "Modern Warfare 2" the other day and this guy was knifing people from a distance, all he had to do was look at us and knife and then we would die. It took me a while to realize he was hacking. If anyone finds a player by the name of WERE-THE-MONEY I recommend leaving because you won't have a fun game against him.
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    This has gotten ridiculously out of hand. You can't even join a damn match without being bombarded by hacked texts that cover half the screen. Then your immediately mowed down by some hoe with a lmg and aimbot. I mean seriously, you don't even stand a chance anymore.

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