PS3 hackers take on Modern Warfare 2

By Jos · 73 replies
Jan 18, 2011
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  1. Am I correct about the root key usage? It allows any software to be run on the PS3 right. So it makes bots and other cheater software to be use as easily as putting in a new game. This also allow a hacker to put hacking tools on the console to more easily hack the game servers too. It's looking like online gaming is going to be a mess until the servers can be updated with some kind of counter measure. This in only the beginning, I think gamers are going to deal with a lost of use with online games for a very long time. It's like a hacker's paradise right now.
  2. Every match I play now has some asshat modding the game. I went from prestige 68 (earned) to prestige 70 and all unlocks (hacked) in the last game I played. This sucked. Wow! We can jump real high, move too fast to bother and that ***** over there can shoot everyone without trying. Now it's not a game it's a tech demo for crappy things that no one would ever put in a game.

    Are there even moderators that play the game to watch for crap like this?

    ...back to Fallout.
  3. Too many people complaining. I don't really care that this has happened. I still do play mw2 even with the modded lobbies I just enjoy them while they are around. The game is done with anyway, its not like they were going to keep releasing map packs and big updates. If you are trying to find a legit game on mw2 find the people who want the same and add them. Nows a good time to meet some new friends and play some good ol private matches.

    I don't blame infinity ward for any of this. MW2 is a excellent game, better then BO even with all the mod lobbies and such.

    PS3 users for a long time have been wanting good updates for security and features but none of that has came. Sony should of done something sooner. I don't know what their deal is at the moment but none of this really bothers me. They'll get their sh*t straightened out sooner or later.

    Until then..

    Suck it up.
  4. PC nerd

    PC nerd TS Booster Posts: 317   +41

    The game has been completely ruined.
    After 1 hour gameplay, I have every attachment/emblem/title/camouflage. It's ridiculous.

    I've had enough of Joining a game to find some guy flying around rapid-firing unlimited RPG's everywhere and then calling in an AC-130 which is also rapid-firing.

    I honestly loved this game when I had it on Xbox. Now it's just been ruined for me.
  5. I have now experienced several different cheats by various users. They are as follows:

    Cheat called 'Earthquake mode' where there are permanent AC130 shells smashing the maps to bits
    A cheat where all of the players 'fly' rather than walk. - Quite annoying.
    A cheat where all players become 'infected' with some weird drug and the screen wobbles all over the place.
    A cheat where a sniper shot anywhere on the screen where there was an enemy and they died instantly
    A cheat where all players are bunched up in the same place, and the 'cheater' blats the **** out of them all and wins straight away
    I cheat where the 'cheater' uses the G18s to shoot fire out of them. - This one was very weird.
    I also got ranked up from level 69 to level 70 in Prestige 8 and scored 100,000 points today, which was a little annoying.
    A cheat where the cheater locks you into the game so that you can't quit, then proceeds to launch multiple air strike (helecopters/missiles etc), and wins straight away.
    An invisibility cheat, where the entire other team become invisible, and a large red square surrounds all of their opponents, making them very easy to find and kill.

    That's my experience so far, and that has just been in the past week or so. It is getting stupid.

  6. windmill007

    windmill007 TS Rookie Posts: 308

    This is too funny!!!
  7. It is a mess! I cannot play a normal game. In a few games everyone was sped up and can jump high in the air and in another, one player (hacker) is killing everyone. It just seems like a waste of time to play! We all payed good money for the game and system and this shouldn't happen. Someone needs to step up and find a solution. This was my favorite game and I can't even play anymore! Come on, own up and fix this!
  8. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ... i agree! :p but iu'm sorry it's like that :(

    well don't say i didn't say so, now it has begun & soon you will hear another music plays & those with hacked consoles beware i know what's cooking, as an ISP we know what you are doing online & where you are exactly & soon the law will be for the big corporate, the security paranoid & the government won't find any solution but comply ... alas to all who already crossed that stream it's too late for i'm sure you never thought that maybe your machines could also become zombies to some hackers ... well i just hope not!

    it has begun & now it's time for the counter-measures!

    to those thinking that gaming belong only on PC, you just don't get it, it's all about the games, not the platform & you should really worry if you believe you are right. If i had time, i would have own all platforms & play on everyone only legal games, i play on PC & PS3 & it's just wonderful, at least i have something more than single-platform gamer ...some people need to grow up & i shall need to learn to feed the trolls :p

    i'm sorry that people, mostly legit honest owners are now facing such issues & i'm sure someday even the cheaters will see the real problems behind this, for now i just hope SONY finds a solution & you would you turn your best friend who hacks his system & spoils other people's or your gameplay !? ...

  9. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    ERRATUM: no i'm too tired to try correct, i guess you can read & understand the meaning ... it's 1 a.m & for the past 2 days been playing an MMO on PC up to 3 a.m while also being sick .. so please accept all my apologies & i hope an edit option is brought back someday ...
  10. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,274   +461

    ROFL - My assumption upon reading this was booze.
  11. Same thing happened to me last night, i was just enjoying the game as usual then got pulled into some hacked game with the banner QuickScopingMod across the screen. After the game ended, i was leveled up completely in my 2nd prestige, it didn't jump to 10th prestige, but did unlock the respective titles and emblems, and also appended the clan name {DT to my name. It sucks, a game that i've really been hooked on in a long time, and now its useless...
  12. it really sucks i wanted to complete everything on my own even though some challenges r next to impossible unless ur boosting n even doing that some r still hard but now theres really no hope in doing it my last user name was haked n the haker unlocked n comleted every thing 4 me, man there such loosers! if they want to hak y cant they leave ppl alone
  13. some total nd utter wanker just deleted all my callsigns nd emblems nd im on like 7th prestige....made terminal all smoky through out the whole game nd its just....why would you do that nd the game makers should come out with a new solution cuz after black ops come out everday theres the one hacker in the game that either has unlimited packages or the one that never dies
  14. I started as level 62 on prestige 3, I am now prestige 5 with every title and emblem. I don' t play any more because its no fun. The titles were what I was playing for. So thanks hackers, for ruining my fun
  15. This is out of control. Why hack in the first place, so you can sit in your basement (some, parents basements) and laugh your a#$ at just shooting people with no challenge. I enjoy things because they are challenges not because they are easy. I didnt buy a ps3 or xbox or the game to go through this. My wife just bought me my ps3 and MW2 for Christmas and it is the only game I have and now I cant even play the funnest part of the game. You people who hack need to grow up! it is a game for everyone who purchased it to enjoy, not just the hackers selfish *****. Sony and Infintry Ward, or whoevers fault this is needs to fix this and fix this soon, or I will never buy another ps3, or Infintry Ward game again. I know just one person not buying the game or system will matter that much, but one can turn into 100.

    This is for people who hack the game, FU!!! Get a freaking life, besides hacking something and ruining something hundreds of thousands of people enjoy. The 500 dollars my wife spent on my Christmas presents is now garbage because of you. How would you (hacker) like it if I took 500 dollars from you or basically rendered something you wife had given you useless.
  16. This is exactly what's been going on in CoD-Black Ops on XboxLive. Three days after first release of the game (Nov 10) I saw people walking around with a sixth prestige dual-wielding golden guns. Activision blames Infinity Ward (or Treyarch for Black Ops) and says "We can't do anything about it, they made the game, so it's their fault". And Infinity Ward / Treyarch say that there is no defense against it. Don't think anyone truly cares about 'the gamer' interests since this was the last Modern Warfare they'll release. It's also last CoD game for Treyarch. Activision will find a third party to make a fresh start with. And don't think first priority will be the gamers well being, Nr 1 is and will be : Make us a sick huge amount of profit. For me no more Activision, Infinity Ward or Treyarch releted games./
  17. Sometimes when I get in a match there are things like the FX logo floating around or stuff like that, or I can run super fast or jump really high, stuff like that but I haven't got any problems with my rank or anything like it.
  18. its all bullstuff now, every single game i log into people r flying above everyone, going a million miles an hour, unlimited ammo, its so annoying, i leave every game i go into with modders on it and because of that i never get to play anymore, i dont even bother putting the game in and playing because of these hackers, only game mode ive been able to find with no hackers is hardcore team death match and now they are starting in there as well..stuffs ridiculous
  19. Not all hackers are bad. I've been deranked many times since this has happened but one hacker who was a host of these called Challenge Lobbies, gave me my stats back to near where they were before and gave me all titles. I was pretty happy but i haven't been online since.
  20. IW did not make Black ops THATS WHY IT SUCKS
    Sony please fix this bullshit mw2 is was the **** i would buy a second mw2 before i put black ops back in my ps3 and play it this blows how is it even fun or worth it to do to people.
  21. Yep, I loved playing MW2 online and I was just starting to get good. Now I cannot even play anymore because of the hackers. Not sure what the point of hacking is. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. But for me, it sucks and ruins my love for this game. People are a funny thing really. We can't even get along playing a game - the world is doomed.
  22. I tried to find a game over the course of the last hour where there were no hackers. I failed. I tried Domination, Free For All, Demolition, Team death match and Express Team Death Match. Out of absolute annoyance I tried Hardcore, which worked. The issue being I hate Hardcore. Sony, get you crap in order!!!! I have a list of hackers and cheaters to report. I started in today only to find that when I report them, they tell me to contact Activision. Chalk up another reason why Sony is the worst company on earth.
  23. It been really annoying! I got some of my awards, attachments, and perks stolen online! It's been getting worse. I couldn't even play a game tonight. Lobby after lobby, they were all hacked! MW2 was one of the best online games till now....Someone please fix this issue please....and fast!
  24. With the type of abuse that the PS3 hack has produced, I can no longer enjoy multiplayer MW2. If this is what the PS3 hack is going to produce, I seriously hope that Geohotz or whatever his lame name is, gets successfully sued by Sony and/or goes to prison.
  25. This needs to be sorted out I'm fed up with gimps thinking there great cause they can't be killed or can fly or some other rubbish. What's wrong with learning to actually play the game. And if they are gona use cheats DON'T MESS WITH OTHER PEOPLES ACCOUNTS. My game is absolutely ruined instead of telling me what kill rank and all I have along the bottom of the screen it says, "YOU GOT F**KING OWNED!!" I'd love to break my ps3 round the sweaty nerds face, and I love my ps3.

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